Painting address numbers for charity

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A man who paints address numbers on people’s curbs says he’s using the money he makes to rescue young women from human trafficking. Mark Booher is an investor and he paints the address numbers all across the country.

“After I’m done investing in the mornings, I come out and spent the entire day out painting address numbers and using that money to work with kids and the families that I work with,” he said.

Booher tells KSNT News he takes trips to the Philippines to rescue young women from prostitution and human trafficking. He said he’s developed a system to help them.

“Take the kids home, stay with the families, create an income and then I put the kids through college,” he said.

Booher said helping the families become financially stable keeps young women from looking for work in dangerous places.

“Whether we build a bigger farm, whether we build a chicken farm, or pig farm, open up a store in the home,” he said.

He said he’s already put eight young women through college, and he’s paying for three more to go through school.

Booher said the $20 to $25 he makes with each address number he paints can help change lives.

“It’s anything from just getting somebody into a safe place, or taking and getting them through college and getting them on with their life,” Booher said.

He said he’s planning another trip to help a family plant a rice farm later this month. You can follow a link to his Facebook page here.

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