Church members recovering from crash

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Several people from a church in Clay Center are recovering after a deadly crash. They were traveling to do ministry work when the crash happened on Friday.

It killed Gerald Baxter and Carla Rene Polson and sent the other four in the car to the hospital. The church’s pastor, Rob Stewart, and his wife were in the car.

Stewart remembers Baxter and Polson as hard working, selfless people.

“He smiled a lot, he laughed a lot, shake your hand a lot, say thank you a lot,” Stewart said of Baxter. “He was just a great friend.”

Stewart said Polson was integral to the prison ministry they were heading to, “She was talented and compassionate. Just a wonderful person to spend that time with.”

Stewart said that while he grieves their loss, his faith gives him a sense of peace.

“My faith is foundational to this whole thing,” Stewart said. “I can’t imagine facing something like this and not having an assurance and a confidence of what’s to be.”

Stewart’s wife Barbara, and Ruth Baxter, are still in the hospital. Stewart said he doesn’t know when they will be well enough to leave hospital care. He said the church will support Ruth Baxter however they can.


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