Internships help students narrow down plans after high school

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — The Seaman High School internship program gives students a better vision for what they want to do after high school.

Seaman High School senior Sami Reed spent the last semester at North Topeka Vision Center with mentor Dr. Lance Eisenbarth.

Reed sits in Eisenbarth as he sees patients taking notes and asking questions after the appointments to gain a better understanding of the field of optometry.

“In this practice we see pediatrics all the way through geriatrics so she gets to see all kinds of situations that you wouldn’t normally think,” said Eisenbarth.

A third of Seaman High School’s senior class are taking part in the unpaid internships at various Topeka business this school year.

“It’s also an opportunity for [students] to see what jobs are available in Topeka,” said Seaman High School internship coordinator Gita Noble. “It certainly opens up a lot of avenue for our students and it’s a great partnership to be involved with.”

The partnership isn’t possible without people like Eisenbarth. He says students benefit from exploring career paths before going to college.

“If they can at least, at the very least, eliminate this as a possibility at least that gives them some direction,” said Eisenbarth.

Reed said the internship made her more likely to want to study optometry after high school.

“I’ve definitely liked the internship because it allowed me decide what I want to do,” said Reed.

The school is looking to partner with more Topeka businesses. If your organization would like to mentor a student intern contact internship coordinator Gita Noble at Seaman High School. She can be reached at or by phone at (785) 286-8300.

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