Local students record memories from elders

Dr. Ashley Beanson-Manes' 6th grade classroom

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Most students dread homework over a holiday break, but one class at a local middle school got a different kind of assignment.

Ashley Beason-Manes, a social studies teacher at Topeka Collegiate School told her students to interview an elderly person during Thanksgiving.

Tuesday was presentation day for the students. They shared the stories they heard from a different era including first loves, favorite toys, and how the world has changed.

“A lot of things she said, maybe 80 percent, I had never heard of really in detail,” six grader Charlie White said, “how things have influenced her in her lifetime, to people that I would not have known that she knew well.”

The idea for the assignment was spurred by a college class Beason-Manes took coupled with a personal tragedy.

“My own father died when I was a kid and I never had the forethought to sit down with him as a kid, and ask questions that I really wish I had answers to today, said Beason-Manes.

The interviews are part of The Great Thanksgiving Listen happening in schools across the country,

The students used an app called StoryCorps which will preserve the interviews the Library of Congress.

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