Petitioning for change at deadly intersection


ST. GEORGE, Kan. (KSNT) — A woman in Northeast Kansas is petitioning for a portion of Highway 24 to be safer. Sage TeBeest is the woman who put together the online petition. Her concerns for the intersection on Highway 24 and Flush road come after multiple deadly accidents in the past several years. Plus, more kids will be traveling through the intersection with the Rock Creek School District expanding soon.

TeBeest said many of the crashes happen when a car is on flush road and wants to cross the highway. But getting across safely is a problem due to a hill blocking drivers’ vision. She’s hoping there could be a traffic light placed at the intersection.

“You’re literally rolling the dice in order to get across that intersection,” TeBeest said. “That’s fearful as a parent. I’ve taken my son back and forth for activities and I literally know that I’m guessing. Because I can’t see if there’s a car coming over that hill.”

Currently the goal is to reach about 8,000 signatures. From there, the plan is to have a town hall meeting so commissioners can consider making the intersection safer.

To sign the petition click here.

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