Local students learn important skills through screen printing

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Forget the finger paint, students at Wabaunsee County High School are doing some high tech arts and crafts.

“I sometimes call it Kindergarten upscale,” said Amy Casell. “They’re making things for their family and for their friends that are a little bit higher than what you get in Kindergarten.”

Students in the screen printing class design and print t-shirts, learning every step of the process.

“They start about by learning how to stretch a screen which I can find out right then if they’re more mechanical based or not and they’ll move into each side of the design process. They learn illustrator first, I feel it’s a little easier to learn and then they’ll move to Photoshop. “Then they’ll move into actually working with screens and putting emulsion on screens and printing.”

But they do more than t-shirts and truth be told, it’s really not about the t-shirts or even the cutting boards.

“It teaches them to work together and to have a deadline,” said Cassell. “I’ve had kids come in on weekends to help print before because we have a deadline and I have students who come in when they’re not supposed to be in here for class and they are working on their project for class because they know someone needs or they need it for their Christmas gift or something.”



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