Emporians could see a rise in their utility bill next month


EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT) – City commissioners in Emporia will be narrowing their options on Wednesday to decide how much your water bill will increase.

After the city commission meeting during the first week of December, some city leaders proposed a 10% to 15% raise in utility rates. City commissioner, Danny Giefer said the investment would help with the city’s infrastructure. He also said the rise in bills will allow the community to have money set aside. That’s just in case there’s a major water main break similar to the one that happened in July of 2017, leaving the city without water for days.

“As an Emporian and a business owner, I don’t have a problem with that,” Emporian, Janet Laird said. “We have very good water here in Emporia and I’m really proud of that fact. If they need an extra boost on that to keep our water good, then I’m good with it.”

City commissioners will have a session discussing all the possibilities of how they can improve the utility system Wednesday morning. They’ll officially have a decision made Wednesday, December 20.

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