Santa and his crew come early this year – spreading Christmas cheer to those far and near

EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT) – It’s not quite Christmas, so what brings Santa’s gang to a local hospital? Spreading the joy of the season and good Christmas cheer.

“Well my reindeer made the wrong turn and this is where I ended up,” Santa said.

Rudolph with his nose so bright, shining like a flare, it’s been 20 years since he got it right, but people here don’t seem to care.

As they move through the halls of Emporia’s Newman Regional Health, they do so with glee, but also with silence and stealth.

“We try to be as quiet and respectful,” Mrs. Santa Claus. “But you know it brings love in to their hearts and peacefulness, and you know just for a few moments they don’t have that feeling of worry.”

They’re not in a hurry, because each person they meet they greet with a smile and a sweet Christmas treat.
“Did you get a cookie? Mrs. Claus asked, “I made these at the North Pole.”

A Christmas time miracle in room 482, a bundle of joy makes that awe and ooo…”Oh, Santa wants you feel this you will get your heart full of love,” said Mrs. Claus while holding a baby that was just born one day prior.

Though the one day old baby may never remember that special kiss one day in December, just another reason to go out of their way.

“We just enjoy putting a smile on a sick persons day.”

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