Clouds move out, chilly temperatures return


Decreasing cloud cover will be ushered in for tonight. As the sky begins to clear, temperatures will take a tumble. Temperatures will be in the upper 20s and lower 30s as you head out the door Monday morning. But by the time you head home from work or school, mostly sunny conditions will get temperatures back into the mid to upper 50s.

Sunshine and mild temperatures in the 50s will stick around through Thursday. Winter begins on Thursday, but it won’t exactly feel that way…at first. Drastically colder temperatures make their return starting on Friday.

Our next cold front will move in late on Thursday, causing temperatures plummet leading into Friday. Initially, it looked like rain could transition over into snow in the process of that frontal passage. Now model guidance is suggesting some portions of northern Kansas may get clipped by some rain, but the snow will stay further up north in Nebraska and the Dakotas. Regardless, this is a tricky forecast that will continue to be tweaked leading into Friday.

Behind that cold front, temperatures won’t be able to rebound much. A colder weather pattern will take charge for that final weekend before Christmas. Any last minute Christmas shopping that weekend will have to endure morning temperatures in the teens and daytime highs only getting as warm as the 30s.

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