New local non-profit taking off to “Keep Topeka Clean”

Taylor Buckley

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– A local non-profit organization is in the works, called Keep Topeka Clean, and it was all started by one of your neighbors.

This organization all started from the Shunga Trail clean-up that so many community members were apart of.

The organizers of that project saw such positive support from the community, they decided it wasn’t time to end there.

It’s been five days since a Facebook page was created and nearly 900 people have liked it so far.

The organization is asking for places you think need attention, like the Shunga Trail, in Topeka.

“We even had a guy close down his entire company and bring out all his employees to come and help,” organizer Daniel Mandel said. “So it’s just an awesome experience to see and I thought, this has to be the beginning and not the end, so we just want to move forward and keep it going.”

What will happen from getting submissions of places to clean, is a vote will be on the page hearing from you and every month a new place will get clean by the community.

“I mean it’s December too so it’s cold and were going to start doing projects monthly throughout the year, 2018 and on,” Mandel said.  “When it starts getting to the warmer months too, I expect more people to be able to come out here, because last time it was 20 degrees when we were out here.”

Keep Topeka Clean already has at least five other places on their list to consider for clean-ups like the Governors Mansion Trails, dumpster sites in North Topeka, and Edgewood Creek.

Mandel started this with a few friends just because they wanted to, and wanted to clean the Shunga Trail, and want to make Topeka a better place while also getting the community members involved.

Organizers are meeting with Shawnee County Parks and Rec Monday afternoon to talk about a potential partnership.

Keep Topeka Clean says to submit places you want get cleaned up, make sure you have a picture of the site and it will then get added to the list for voting.

For more information click here.

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