Who is Jacqueline Wiles?

Jackie Wiles

Ski Beginnings

Wiles was born July 13, 1992 in Portland, Oregon, where she still resides. She began skiing at 2 and racing at 5 because joining the race team was cheaper than lessons.

Major Competitions/Medals

She made her Olympic debut in 2014, finishing 26th in downhill.

Breakout Moment

After graduating high school, she decided to delay going to college in order to pursue a career as a professional skier. After a period of self-doubt and uncertainty, a coaching switch and a change in mentality helped Wiles make the U.S. national team.


She became the first-ever ambassador for the Lindsey Vonn Foundation.

Vonn recruited Wiles when she heard Wiles was not fully funded. In exchange for Vonn’s financial support, Wiles took a role with Vonn’s charity. The foundation looks to empower young girls through sport.

Top Quotes

Jacqueline Wiles: “Train like you are number two, compete like you are number one!”

Olympic Experience

2014: No medals

Off the Mountain

During the offseason, Wiles takes classes at Westminster College in Utah and enjoys riding her motorcycle.

She has two black labs, named Jezzy and Jasmine.

She is also an avid fan of the Portland Trail Blazers and the Seattle Seahawks and loves watching Damian Lillard and Russell Wilson.

Social Media

Facebook: Jackie Wiles

Instagram: jankylilj

Twitter: @JankyLilJ

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