Senate has yet to vote on Brownback’s confirmation to role in Trump administration

(Thad Allton/The Topeka Capital-Journal via AP)

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The United States Senate has yet to schedule a vote on Governor Sam Brownback’s confirmation to a role in the Trump administration.

The Senate breaks for the holiday recess Friday, which leaves Governor Sam Brownback’s new job in limbo.

“These have been very tumultuous times in Washington and to get agreement on things has been hard to do,” said Brownback.

During a sit down interview, Brownback reflected on his tenure leading the state.

“You do the job the best you can, you do the job in accordance with how you ran, and you let history sort it out how it worked and I think it takes a period of times for the emotions to kind of clear the air and people to do an honest appraisal,” he said.

Five months ago, the Governor was nominated by the Trump administration to be ambassador at large for International Religious Freedom. Brownback said he’ll resign after his confirmation, but if that confirmation never comes, he plans to stay in office.

“I was elected by the people of Kansas at a due election and I was elected for a four year time period,” said Brownback.

When asked in the interview about his low approval ratings and if he wished he would’ve done things differently, he responded he wished school finance was covered better.

“What I wish would have happened is people would have covered truthfully the school finance issue. I added money to school finance virtually every year I was in office and yet the public opinion would be what they’ve heard off the media and other places that school funding was cut. It wasn’t cut, school funding was added to,” the Governor said.

Despite Brownback adding more money to schools, the Supreme Court ruled in October it wasn’t enough according to the state constitution.

If the Governor isn’t confirmed or denied by the end of the week the President would have re-nominate him next year.

The U.S. Senate reconvenes from its holiday recesses on January 3rd, which is only five days before the Kansas legislatures returns to work.

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