Unlikely bond between mother and son brings them closer just in time for Christmas

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Nearly everyday throughout the month of December you’ll see Jamie Monroe and her son William Sherley ringing bells for the Salvation Army.

But those who walk by probably never notice the special bond the mother and son have, or how tough of a year they’ve had.

“The doctor told us several times that she was going to die on us,” Sherley said.

Within the last year his mom had several strokes, making it difficult for her to walk, something William knew all about, “I went from straight retirement after my stroke to having to learn how to re-walk,” Sherley said.

Doctors told William his mom would need to be cared for in a nursing home, but that wasn’t okay with William. He told the doctor he would take care of her, “The doctor says, well that’s going to a be a big burden on you,” Sherley said.

It turned out the doctor was wrong, taking care of his mom hasn’t been a burden, it’s been a blessing.

Long before Jamie had her multiple strokes she was involved with the Salvation Army, once she started recovering she told her son she wanted to get back to volunteering, “I enjoy helping people,” Monroe said. “I try to help anybody I can.”

In doing so she’s inspired her son to do the same, “I’m retired, I get to spend all the time I want with my mom and I enjoy doing the work for the Salvation Army.”

Giving back and being there for one another. For this family, that’s what the holidays are all about.


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