Hundreds were fed at the Topeka Rescue Mission for Christmas

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) —  Inside the Topeka Rescue Mission, was a time for dozens of people to grab a meal, take a gift home and be thankful during the holiday season.

“This is awesome,” Tiwana Hester said. “There’s nice, good food here. And I’m blessed.”

Blessed knowing that Hester and her four kids can join other Topekans in the dining room as one big family. The Christmas dinner wasn’t just for people living at the Rescue Mission, it was open to the entire community for free.

“People are coming in here,” Topeka Rescue Mission’s Executive Director, Barry Feaker said. “Some are in wheelchairs and some have nowhere else to go. What we want people to know, and I think that gets them straightened a lot is that they’re very valuable.”

“Merry Christmas,” Santa Claus said. “God bless you.”

After their meal, everyone got the chance to meet Santa Claus, pick out their favorite stuffed animal plus they got a gift certificate to a thrift store in North Topeka.

“I think it’s really amazing what the rescue mission does and what they put forth in this and just how many people they can give to during Christmas is really amazing,” dinner supporter, Leah Shinkle said.

But before leaving, volunteers prayed for everyone that walked through the doors.

“It’s very amazing, very amazing,” James Meador said. “It’s very generous too. I’m feeling very thankful and very blessed.”

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