Surprising foods and drinks to help keep you warm outside

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — There are many outdoor winter activities you probably want to do, but these cold temperatures are getting in the way.

KSNT News found some food and drinks that may help keep your body warmer and some of them may surprise you.

The most surprising one is iced coffee. Yes, iced coffee in sub zero temperatures.

Sarah Walter, who has been drinking coffee since she was seven, and making it for the last three years, said she didn’t even know.

“I’ll have to start telling people that,” she said. “Because you hear comments all the time like, I don’t want to do cold coffee its so cold out.”

But the shock, didn’t stop with her. Avid coffee drinkers at PT’s Coffee, were just as surprised.

Here’s the deal, coffee’s caffeine helps stimulate your metabolism, building energy. Then make it cold, and it raises your body’s temperature to counteract the chilly drink.

Doctors said keeping warm outside with weather like this, is all about your blood flow and metabolism.

Eating peanuts, fresh ginger, or onions will promote your blood flow to fend off the cold.

So the next time you’re spending a lot of time outside with these temperatures, ditch the Styrofoam cup of steaming coffee, and put it over ice.


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