What not to leave in your car when it’s cold out

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – When temperatures drop, it’s important to remember to bring things in from your car. Cold weather can damage items from groceries to musical instruments.

Cans of soda and canned foods can burst open when freezing. Similarly, eggs can crack their shells when the yolk expands.

Phones often stop working in the cold. Apple says their phones shouldn’t be used when it’s below freezing, and they shouldn’t be stored in temperatures below negative four degrees.

Jimmy Hayes is the owner of Hayes House of Music in Topeka. He said nearly every kind of instrument can break in the cold. He’s currently repairing a guitar that got too cold.

“These people left it in the trunk of their car, it got cold, and made the strings pop the bridge right off,” Hayes said.

He encourages people to bring their instruments inside with them when they leave their cars.

“Don’t leave it outside,” Hayes said. “If you’re not in the car take the instrument inside with you. So, so important.”

AAA Exchange recommends drivers not leave a low tank of gas in the car. It said leaving at least half a tank of gas helps avoid fuel line freeze ups.

The New York Times reports medications can lose their effectiveness in cold weather. Medicine like insulin that has to be shaken before use become less potent after freezing.

Most importantly, people should never leave loved ones in a cold car. The Center for Disease Control said babies and older adults are especially susceptible to hypothermia. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said cold cars can act at freezers that kill pets.

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