Local man uses hobby to beat boredom during retirement

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Every man needs a man cave, for Dave Sterbenz you can find his in his garage, where he creates his masterpieces.

From dart cabinets to desks, or even a jewelry holder, an anniversary present for his wife, “She had randomly showed me this picture which I took the hint very well,” Sterbenz said.

Just off that picture he was able to create almost an exact replica.

This passion for woodworking all started when Dave was just a little boy and would help his grandpa,”I would watch him and learn from him,” Sterbenz said. “And he would let me watch things, and how to be safe in the shop.”

When he got older her used his talents to get his mind off work

“From relaxing and getting rid of the stress, and not thinking about the bad things that happened the day before the shift,” Sterbenz said.

As a former Deputy Fire Chief for the Topeka Fire Department and former Emergency Manager for Shawnee County, Dave dealt with emergency’s every day.

But nowadays he can relax, because he’s retired. He’s also getting ready to trade in his man cave for a retirement home. Luckily for Dave there will be a wood shop on sight, one he plans to donate all his tools too.

“I can go over to the wood shop with the other guys and continue to learn the craft,” Sterbenz said.

He may be retired, but he won’t ever get bored.

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