Winter temperature car troubles you can avoid

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT)– No one likes car trouble, especially with the freezing cold temperatures we’ve recently had. But the winter does cause more car trouble than usual.

It’s easy for your tires to loose air pressure with the cold, but there is a simple fix and it’ll just cost you a couple bucks to get a tire gauge. You put it on the tire valve and it should start reading it right away.

Performance Tire and Wheel in Topeka said along with low tire pressure, batteries ware out, and checking anti-freeze are the most common visits they have been getting this winter.

They said with every ten degrees the temperature drops, you lose one pound of air pressure.

With your routine oil change, make sure your anti-freeze is getting check along with your battery life to make sure it is still working properly.

They said one thing people often forget about that could save you some trouble though, is checking your windshield wipers.

“You’re not just running the windshield wipers everyday, but when you need it, you really need it,” owner of Performance Tire and Wheel, Justin Glasgow said. “So it’s good to just have that checked and make sure the fluid is working properly and your wipers are rubber so they can get brittle.”

An easy fix to make sure that doesn’t happen when you least want it to, is to check the wipers before you get in your car. Lift them up and make sure there is no rubber hanging off them and if there is it might be time to replace them.

For a complete winter car check list, click here.

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