Snow helps some businesses boom

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – While some businesses close on snowy days like today – they can be a real boom for other businesses – like a pizza place for example.

Todd Ebert, the manager at a Domino’s in Manhattan, Kansas says they were most busy Thursday morning and around noon, when the roads were at their worst.

They’ve recieved calls from businesses that want to feed their employees for coming into work.

Of course they’ve also received a lot of calls from people who don’t want to drive in bad conditions.

Ebert says bad weather is always good for the pizza delivery business, “The worse the weather, the busier we get. It’s because people don’t want to leave their house or work or anything so they call us and we deliver to them. So, we’re like the post office.”

He says if there’s someone who can drive to the customer they will make the delivery, as long as people are willing to wait a little longer for their pizza on snowy days.

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