Another round of winter weather moves in tonight

A winter weather advisory will be in effect from 11 pm tonight, through 9 am Monday morning. This is for Clay, Riley, Pottawatomie, Ottawa, Dickinson, Geary, Morris, Wabaunsee, Shawnee, Douglas, Lyon, Osage, Franklin, Coffey, and Anderson counties.


A wind chill advisory will go into effect for all of Northeast Kansas from 6 pm Monday evening, through 12 pm on Tuesday.


By sunrise on Monday morning, that cold front looks to clear out from Northeast Kansas. If anything, some of our extreme southern areas could still see some snow falling for a couple hours after daybreak. Snow may not be falling during your morning commute on Monday, but slick spots will still be possible throughout the course of the morning due to the snow and sleet that would have already fallen. Not only that, but blustery conditions and blowing snow on the roadways will also remain a concern. Winds will pick up as that front pushes through, with possible gusts exceeding 20 mph at times.

Since the earlier arrival of this arctic cold front now brings a better chance of rain and a wintry mix, snow accumulations have been diminished.

Behind that arctic cold front, temperatures turn cold once again for Monday. Even with emerging sunshine by the afternoon, temperatures will be stuck in the teens throughout the day on Monday. A northwest wind on Monday will consistently add that extra cold bite to the air though. Northwest winds, sustained at 10 to 20 mph, will keep wind chill temperatures near zero, and even a few degrees below.

Winds will subside slightly for Monday night into Tuesday morning. However, wind chills will become a growing concern as temperatures fall. Heading out the door Tuesday morning, air temperatures will be near zero, if not a few degrees below zero. Once you factor in a northwest wind, sustained between 5 to 15 mph, wind chills will become dangerously cold. We’re tracking wind chills between -15° and -25° as you head out the door Tuesday morning.

High temperatures may not even break out of the single digits for some spots on Tuesday. Another bitterly cold start to the morning is expected for Wednesday morning with temperatures right around zero once again. Temperatures will start to rebound starting on Wednesday though. Highs in the 20s for Wednesday, will turn back to the 40s leading into next weekend.

After the snow wraps up early Monday morning, drier weather is set to return through the next several days, as well.


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