Wichita couple in Hawaii: ‘We just waited, it was the longest 38 minutes ever’

Richard and Debbie Crowder (Photo courtesy Richard Crowder)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A Wichita couple got quite the scare while visiting Maui this weekend.

Richard and Debbi Crowder said they were having breakfast in Kihei, Maui when they received the text alert telling them a missile attack was coming and to take cover immediately.

“We called our kids, to tell them goodbye, I guess,” said Richard.

“That was really terrifying to call your family, and just sit and wait, because we could go nowhere, we had no instructions, we just waited. It was the longest 38 minutes ever!” added Debbi. “But we certainly had time to reflect on our faith.”

Richard said they were hearing about people driving 100 mph trying to get home, and other people were putting their kids in culverts trying to protect them.

“It does make you put your life in perspective. What’s important to you? Who would you call? What have you left undone?” said Richard.

“We’re from Kansas, we don’t think about ballistic missiles, and we had absolutely no clue, how do you hide from a ballistic missile?” added Debbi.

The Crowders told KSN News they learned from their son via a text message that it was only a false alarm. They added they have no plans of leaving Hawaii right now.

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