Pregnant woman injured in morning wreck on Oakland Expressway

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Emergency crews were on the scene of a single vehicle rollover accident Monday morning.

The crash was reported just after 7 a.m. south of the Oakland Expressway (K-4) near 6th Street in Topeka, according to Topeka Police Dispatch.

Officers on scene tell KSNT News the driver, identified as Elizabeth Meck, is pregnant and six men from REW MATERIALS who saw it happen got out to help get her out of the car and get warm.

“I want to thank the men from REW Materials that stopped and cut me out of the seat belt, because I was trapped and couldn’t get out,” Meck said.  “They cut me out and helped get me out of the jeep while gas was leaking everywhere.”

Meck said they also unhooked the battery and turned the jeep back upright so gas didn’t continue to leak out of the car.

“Those men stopped everything to come to my rescue and I can’t let myself imagine what could have happened to us had they not,” she said. “Some very amazing people out there, took time and risked their own lives by stopping on that highway definitely deserve more attention than me.”

Meck was transported to an area hospital to be checked out. She tells KSNT News that the baby is “okay and was moving around.” She said she is very sore, but no major injuries.

The crash was caused by black ice in the left lane that caused her to lose control.

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