New Topeka Police Chief issues community challenge

TOPEKA, Kan (KSNT) – Topeka Police Chief Bill Cochran said he has a challenge for all Topekans this year.

The Topeka Police Department released a video Tuesday with Chief Cochran addressing a common factor in the 2017-2018 homicides. He said over half of last year’s homicides involved a disagreement or disturbance between the involved parties. So far in 2018, Topeka has seen three homicides, in which those same factors played a key role.

Cochran said as the community moves forward in 2018, he challenges the citizens of Topeka to be better citizens and raise moral character. He said he challenges Topekans to take one extra moment, or thought, during a disagreement and think about the potential negative consequences of their actions. Cochran urged people to think about how those consequences may impact their life, or that of their loved ones.

Chief Cochran ended by telling Topekans to come together, work together and bond together as a community to help make Topeka a safer place.

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