Blind woman defies the odds, learns how to fix and create jewelry

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Every day for Donna Low is a celebration, “This is just so fun.”

For 69 years, Low has found a way to find joy in every part of her life. Recently she found something new that makes her happy, “When these elders come to me here in the building, and to see their smile, and just feel the exuberance,” Low said. She’s been fixing and making jewelry for her neighbors and friends at her Topeka retirement home.

She has a lot of happy customers, not just because she does a good job, but because she doesn’t charge, “I do not believe in that, I’m not in this to make money.”

That’s because for Low, this isn’t just a job, it’s a way of proving to herself and others she can do it, “I had about 17 eye operations to fix my eyes,” she said.

Low was born blind, despite all those operations, she still can only see out of one eye, and that’s just close up, “It’s just, you just make the best of what you have,” Low said. “And I didn’t know what vision was.”

Just looking at the jewelry Low’s fixed or created, you would never guess she’s limited in her ability to see, or how she finds the imagination to make some of her masterpieces, “I’ve put beads on to handles of salad tossers,” Low said. “I’ve taken salad forks and bent the tongs up and made bracelets.”

Sure it’s unique, but she’s found her niche, and another reason to celebrate life, “I’m very thankful, and grateful,” Low said.

A good reminder for all of us, it’s not always about seeing as much as it is believing.


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