Tech tools help students learn in Topeka classroom

5th grade students at Meadows Elementary in Topeka use laptops to research life in the colonial era.

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Students in Justin Moore’s 5th grade class at Meadows Elementary in Topeka are creating slideshows with facts about colonial life. That is just one of the ways the students are utilizing technology in the classroom.

While students are using their laptops to learn about the past, Moore says they’re also learning valuable skills for the future.

“We’re in the digital age and the information age,” said Moore. “I think that teaching them how to present themselves and to create coherent presentations is really crucial.”

Moore says using web-based tools like Google Docs gives him the ability to give feedback to students in real-time.

“You can give feedback directly on a student’s assignment and they can fix it immediately, rather than them having to wait for a week to get their paper back,” Moore said. “I think that providing that feedback allows them to improve at a steady pace, rather than exponentially week-to-week (or) month-to-month.”

However, students haven’t given up the paper and pencils just yet.

“We try to get them use to using (technology) as a tool, not an end-all, be-all,” Moore said. “In the digital… we have to be able to teach them how to use technology effectively and responsibly as we move forward.”

At least one student in Moore’s class doesn’t mind the increased use of computers over notepads.

“I kind of think technology is more handy, so you don’t have to write all those papers and stuff,” said fifth-grade student Kenan.

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