What changes you can expect at the East Topeka turnpike


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Drivers may have noticed some construction if you use the turnpike to get to Lawrence or Kansas City. That’s because turnpike officials are reconstructing the toll plaza for a better driving experience.

Currently anyone using a KTAG has to slow down and pass the toll using the right hand lanes. Once construction is complete, KTAG drivers will have to merge to the left side of the toll. However, anyone paying cash will have to slow down and exit right towards the signs that say cash tolls.

“We’ve had some experience from our drivers in Kansas City and of course our electronic customers love it,” Engineer with the Kansas Turnpike Authority, Rex Fleming said. “They’re able to go through and not have to slow down and they just do their normal driving.”

Fleming said drivers should look out for new signage during Summer 2018. KTAG drivers will be directed to the left hand lanes. Drivers using cash will have to use the right side of the toll. The project is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving 2018.


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