Cloudy weekend, rain and snow chances ahead

Cloudy conditions stick around through the night as temperatures bottom out in the 30s and lower 40s. By early Sunday morning though, patchy areas of fog and drizzle could also develop. Otherwise, it’ll still be a cloudy start to the day.

Limited sunshine is once again expected throughout the day on Sunday. Still, it”ll be a comfortable day as temperatures get back into the 40s and 50s. Late afternoon into Sunday evening is when some scattered showers will move across Northeast Kansas. Some rumbles of thunder are also possible.

Late Sunday night into Monday morning is when the colder air of that storm system will start curtailing into the region, changing rain over to snow. Snow showers will begin to move across the region Monday morning. As temperatures start to get above freezing for Monday afternoon, the snow could begin to shift back to sleet and even rain. Temperatures will start to fall once again as the sun sets Monday evening. Precipitation is still expected to linger on into the evening, meaning another transition over to snow. The snow should finally be kicked out by late Monday evening.

Since it will be mild during the weekend, the snow won’t initially stick as pavement and surfaces will still be too warm. Eventually though, snow will start to accumulate. By the time all is said and done late Monday evening, northwest areas could see an inch to 2 inches of snow, with just a dusting to upwards of an inch elsewhere.

Past Monday though, mostly sunny conditions return as high temperatures bounce back into the 40s and 50s.


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