Rounds of rain and snow, blustery conditions at times

**Winter weather advisory for Republic, Cloud, Ottawa, Washington, and Clay counties through 3 pm today.**

The same storm system that brought some thunderstorms Sunday night, will now usher in both rain and snow chances across Northeast Kansas for today.

The colder air has already started to move in with temperatures in the 30s to start off Monday. For the vast majority of Northeast Kansas though, temperatures will be stuck in the 30s throughout the day today. Some spots could crack into the low 40s, but even upper 30s to near 40° will just be too warm to support only snow falling. That’s why both rain and snow will be fair game for today.

During the Monday morning commute though, the eastern half of the region looks to stay dry. The main batch of rain/snow will start moving into the western and northwestern areas first during the morning, before slowly but surely spreading east. Rounds of rain and snow will move through during the morning into the afternoon.

However, once we get past the peak of the day and temperatures start to fall, closer to the freezing mark of 32° and below that, it will become more so of just a snow chance. By this evening, everything looks to transition over to just snow. Snow chances will linger on through late this evening for the eastern half of the region before finally exiting.

Initially, it will be a struggle for any snow to stick. Due to just how mild it was this weekend, pavement and surface temperatures won’t be cold enough to support accumulating snow. Eventually, as that colder air resonates into the surface, the snow will begin to stick. The northwest corner of the region has the best chance of seeing snowfall totals of 1 to 2 inches. Elsewhere across Northeast Kansas, anything from just a dusting to upwards of an inch is possible.

The other concern for today will be the high winds. By this afternoon, winds will strengthen out of the northwest, becoming sustained at 15 to 30 mph. With those gusty winds in place, temperatures in the 30s will feel as if its in the 20s for much of the day today. Not only that, but those winds will also create some blustery conditions. As falling rain and snow gets wrapped in those strong winds, visibility could be reduced at times as a result.

Winds subside slightly for tonight, but stay breezy at 10 to 15 mph out of the northwest. The snow chance will finally clear out of Northeast Kansas by later on tonight, as well. With partially clearing conditions behind the snow’s departure, temperatures will bottom out in the 20s. However, wind chills will be mainly in the teens, even as you head out the door Tuesday morning.

Past Monday though, mostly sunny conditions return as high temperatures bounce back into the 40s and 50s. The next chance of rain looks to hold off until Friday.


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