Topeka man’s diabetes impacts his bone fractures

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Beau Huscher from Topeka has had diabetes for over 40 years. Along with it, he’s had multiple bone fractures throughout the course of his lifetime. He fractured his thumb in his 20s, his foot in his 30s, and his most recent fracture is in his hip.

“The fractures have definitely slowed me down, way down,” Beau Huscher said. “Not where I’d like to be.”

A recent study by the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research says there is a direct connection between diabetes and the risk of fractures for seniors. Huscher is not considered a senior, but knows the pain of fractures all too well.

“Diabetes is very hard on the vascular system,” said Adaire Perkins, of the Cotton O’Neil Diabetes and Endocrinology Center. “It causes constant inflammation and so blood flow carrying different nutrients to the bone is impaired,” .

Doctors say the key to preventing fractures for people with diabetes is control.

“We encourage good blood sugar control. All of the studies show that increase risk of fracture, the less controlled the diabetes is,” Perkins said. “Higher the sugar, the higher the risk of fracture. We need to treat the underlying disease to make sure fractures aren’t happening again.”

“My focus has always been staying in good control, because It allows you to feel better throughout the day, be more productive throughout the day,” Huscher said. “So really that tight control is what makes your life better.”

Diet and exercise are also key for improvements in diabetes and bone fractures. Beau’s passion for sports, keeps him moving forward.

“There’s ways to get around anything if you work hard enough,” Beau said. “Don’t ever use diabetes as an excuse to not do something you want.”

Once his hip fracture heals, Beau plans to get back to being active, and officiate basketball and football again.

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