Addicted to pottery: How a local cop got hooked

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) — Recently a Riley County Police detective went public in a tweet about his addiction to pot…tery.

“People don’t expect a police officer, a detective to be artistic or do pottery,” detective Brian Johnson said. “And I enjoy breaking that stereotype.”

Long before Johnson spent his days solving crimes, he had his own problem to solve. How, as a broke college student, would he afford Christmas presents for his family?

“One day I saw some pottery in a gallery and it was around Christmas,” Johnson said. “I remember thinking that I would’ve like to have bought those for the family and then that’s when I came up with the idea that I would just make them for the family instead.”

He asked an art professor for a job and landed a position as a studio manger, where he was able to use the studio at night when no one was around.

“That’s when the addiction really took on, the addiction to pot,” Johnson jokes.

He’s been hooked ever since, and he’s mastered his craft.

His love for pottery has even turned into a great stress reliever for his job in law enforcement, “I’ve found that my pottery is sometimes reflective of work,” Johnson said. “Especially when I’m working a particularly difficult case, one that’s hard for me to let go.”

Now Johnson is sharing everything he’s learned about pottery at the Manhattan Arts Center. He teaches a class, and surprises his students every time he tells them where he works when he’s not teaching them.

“That’s really when you see those stereotypes being shattered, when I explain to them that I’m actually a detective,” Johnson said.

If you would like to learn more about how to take one of Johnson’s classes, purchase some of of his work or have him make a custom creation, click HERE.

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