Making a difference one pie at a time

EMPORIA, Kan. (KSNT) – When it comes to making a difference, sometimes all it takes is homemade pie.

Just ask Evora Wheeler from Emporia, she’s been making her masterpieces for years. Her pies are something to rave about; in one case they sold at a charity auction for $700.

When you’re baking pies that sell anywhere from $100 to $700, you get a very fitting nickname. “They call me the pie lady now,” Wheeler said.

This pie lady isn’t making a profit off her one of-a-kind pies, she’s donating them to local charities and non-profits in the Emporia area.

“Some of them told me that they know if my pies are going to be at a fundraiser then they make a point to go.”

The soon to be 87-year-old has been doing this tasty deed for so long, she’s not even positive how many years exactly. She guesses 25, and the amount of money she’s helped raise, “It would have to be hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Wheeler said.

With that high of a number, I had to ask her, what’s her secret recipe?

“I don’t think I have a secret,” Wheeler said. “I just think I’ve mastered the pie crust part by trial and error, and people have asked me and I say, it’s simple, it’s just flour, shortening, water and salt.”

And that’s it, nothing fancy, nothing over the top, just a simple recipe that’s left an impression on thousands, and made thousand for so many great causes.

“I couldn’t contribute money that way at all,” Wheeler said. “But I can do something like make a pie.”

A good reminder for all of us, it doesn’t take much to help our neighbors.

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