Working at 90 with no plans to retire

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – If you ever happen to find yourself in aisle 6 at the Seabrook Apple Market in Topeka, you may be lucky enough to meet a legend; a grocery store legend.
At 90-years-old Maxine Thompson is proving age is just a number and retirement is just a word. Just 10 years shy of turning 100, you would never guess by looking at Thompson or by watching her work.
At anytime during her shift, you will find her bending down to pick up products, reaching and bending over top shelves on a step stool to get everything in its place. Even while interviewing her she moved so fast, it was hard to keep up with her.
For years, Thompson was just a cashier, but she approached her boss and told him she would like to do more. At the time, he was stocking shelves on the 6th aisle, and told her he was struggling to stock the Jello.
“And he said since I have small hands, and so they gave me the aisle to take care of,” Thompson said.
From that day forward she’s used her small hands to hustle up and down aisle 6. When asked where got her work ethic, she said she believes it stems from having to help take are of her brother and sister when she was growing up.
“My dad kind of raised us, and dad got sick and I worked, gave him all my paycheck to help out.” Thompson said. “And I just, I’m just family oriented and my family comes first, I like this, I know it, and I know it well.”
Nearly all her customers know her, and that they can count on aisle 6 to always look neat and organized. It’s a job Maxine admits has kept her young, and one she never plans to stop doing.
“I take pride in my job, and I take pride in myself,” she said.
Makes you wonder, if we all took as much pride in our work and selves like Maxine, maybe we would all be working until we’re 90.

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