Thermometer that detects your child’s illness

OGDEN, Kan. (KSNT) — A new device at a local school is helping to determine what illness students have without going to the doctor. It’s called a smart thermometer and students are using them at Ogden Elementary.

The smart thermometers come from the company Kinsa. Users will have to download the Kinsa Smart Thermometer app on their smartphone for everything to work. Users can simply connect the thermometer and their phone through Bluetooth after the child’s temperature is taken. Next, list the kid’s symptoms. The app will tell you what illness your kid has.

“Just myself and my son being sick, I can’t imagine a family being ill and multiple kids and a mom and a dad and trying to keep track of all of that,” Torri Jones, a parent who used the smart thermometer said. “I think this app would be very beneficial to anyone, but especially a family.”

The smart thermometer offers personalized guidance on how to soothe symptoms and when to call the doctor. It’ll also reminds you when to take medication and at what dosage.

About 70 families are using this at the school. Parents can plug in their kid’s information anonymously using the app. The nurse can see which illnesses are circulating the school.

“Throughout the community, parents can post what’s going on with their kids,” Registered Nurse at Ogden Elementary, Mindi Strum said. “I, as a nurse, can take that information and get education out or I can talk to teachers and say, we have strep throat going around, remind your kids not to share straws at lunch, wash your hands, make sure you’re doing the following things.”

Smart thermometers are FDA cleared and 9 out of 10 pediatricians recommended the Kinsa Smart Thermometer app.

How can you get your hands on a smart thermometer? Click here for more information.



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