Local bars say bartenders can help keep people safe on dates

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Bartenders can be a lifeline for people in dangerous situations.

Bars in Topeka are reminding patrons that the same person who made their drink can also get them help if they’re feeling unsafe.

Trevor Fenton is the nighttime manager at Abigail’s Bar & Grill in Topeka. He says he’s used to running interference for people on bad dates.

All you have have to do is let him know.

“They usually come up and say, hey I’m not really that comfortable right now so I’ll just say not a problem, move up to the bar,” Fenton said. “We’ll all just kind of chit-chat that way you guys don’t have to focus solely on each other.”

If you’re feeling unsafe and just want to go home, Fenton says he can help.

If they’re scared to walk out to the car by themselves, we absolutely will walk them out,” he said.

Nic Sargent, the manager at Brass Rail Tavern, agrees.

He says anyone who’s feeling unsafe should find a way to let their bartender know.

Especially with Uber or Lyft. I mean it makes it much more easy to get you out of here and get you home safe,” said Sargent.

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