Real life rom-com: K-State student finds match after posting flyers

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Free coffee, that’s how one college student thought he’d find a girlfriend, and it actually worked.

It wasn’t a dating app bio, it was on a flyer posted around the Kansas State University campus.

Although, there’s a catch.

Ashley Peterson is from Emporia, and Gunner Gum is from Manhattan.

So how did she find the flyer that was at K-State’s campus?

“She’s like you’ve got to see this, I really think you guys would make a cute match,” Peterson said. “That’s just so out of character for my mom too.”

After her mom sent her the flyer from an article in The Collegian, she looked him up on Facebook.

“She stalked me,” Gum said laughing. Then, she sent him an email.

“I’m surprised he didn’t run for the hills, I hit every bullet point like here’s where I stand,” Peterson said.

Those bullet points she’s talking about, were from this flyer Gum posted.

“Did you think it was actually going to work?” KSNT News reporter Molly Patt asked.

“No, honestly, no, like not even close,” Gum said.

Now he said, he’s hit the jackpot with Ashley.

“She’s patient, kind, loving, she’s just kind of the perfect, well-rounded girl,” he said.

While they’ve only been dating for three months, and are long distance, Peterson said it’s working because it’s worth it.

“It just feels right,” Peterson said.

When asked if they said they loved each other yet, they answered in unison: “Yeah!”

While they say it is a bizarre way to meet, their friends like to joke about it.

“I came into the living room and I said, ‘I’ve been emailing this guy, and she said, oh so Tinder is out and emailing is in, I see how it goes,'” Peterson said about her roommate.

They say while their friends like to joke about it, they couldn’t be happier for them.

Even though the flyer said, “Free Starbucks Coffee…”

“We have still yet to get coffee actually,” Peterson said. So she is still waiting on that date to come.

Since she lives in Emporia, and he lives in Manhattan, they won’t be spending the day together on Valentine’s Day. However, they are making a five hour road trip together this weekend, to meet his family.

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