Multiple accidents reported on I-70

Multiple accidents were reported Friday morning in the westbound lanes of I-70 near California Ave. in Topeka just before 6:30.

Veterans Day 2017

Veterans Day is back and events are happening all across Northeast Kansas.

Does Topeka have too many hotels?

“Where these new properties are coming on I feel bad for our neighbors because they’re going to go from 50/55 percent occupancy down to 40,”…

Opioid Conference Held in Topeka

“Kansas isn’t one of the crisis states. I would say were not one of the crisis states yet, but we’re really close,” she said.

Top foods you should NOT refrigerate

With so many easily perishable foods, our instinct is to put anything in question in the refrigerator.  But local dietitians say, some foods…

Man grabs, threatens woman at local park

The woman tells police the man grabbed her by the arm and threatened to harm her in the park. The woman said “no” multiple times and believe…