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Basketball rules on display at KU

The rules are the most important part of any game including basketball and the original rules for basketball are now on display for the publ…

In this Wednesday, July 20, 2016, frame from video, Charles Kinsey explains in an interview from his hospital bed in Miami what happened when he was shot by police on Monday. Kinsey, a therapist who was trying to calm an autistic patient in the middle of the street, said he was shot even though he had his hands in the air and repeatedly told the police that no one was armed. (WSVN via AP)

Family fears for autistic man’s safety after police shooting


Miriam Soto said her brother is suffering from night terrors and is not sleeping or eating. “He’s not the same anymore.”

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Wichita community reacts to criticism of city’s BLM cookout

The Wichita community’s reaction is beginning to pour in after a national Black Lives Matter chapter’s criticism of the First Step Cook Out …