Cicada’s song will soon go silent

The humming sound coming from the trees will soon stop as the largest brood of 17-year cicadas nears the end of their life cycle.

Heat related deaths occur more than any other weather related fatalities.

Stay safe when out in the sun

In Kansas, it can get up to 100 degrees on any given day during the summer months, so with that being said it might be smart to know the saf…

Kansas Lawmakers Debate

Stalemate over state budget continues

After another day of negotiations on how to raise taxes, legislators are again back at square one, with the deadline for furloughs less than…

Edgar Leon Lopez-Cardona

Burglary suspect arrested in Topeka

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant on a Topeka house, arresting 27-year-old Topekan Edgar Leon Lopez-Cardona.