Saturday snow outlook

Tracking the potential for a widespread light snowfall by this weekend.

The arc of a fogbow in Ozawkie. Photo by Becky Lassiter.

Strange cloud formations

White rainbows and waves rippling through the clouds make for great photo opportunities.


Night sky light show

Solar storms give a possibility of seeing the Northern Lights.


Latest on September chill

For several days, Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller has been tracking the potential for a big chill.


September chill expected

Signs are pointing to our first true taste of fall by the middle of September.

What’s holding up the cool-down?

To get cooler air to move our way, we basically need a good push on a cold front. If the push is strong enough, it will drag in some much co…


Sinking air and sunshine

A look at what is causing the complete absence of cloud cover over the middle of the country early this week.