Bob Beatty

KSNT News Political Analyst

Dr. Bob Beatty has been the political analyst for KSNT since 2004 and has anchored, moderated, or been a panelist for KSNT’s election coverage, special reports, and debates ever since.

Bob Beatty holds a Ph.D in political science from Arizona State University and Master’s in International Politics from the University of Kentucky and teaches courses on American Politics and Kansas Politics at the University level in Topeka.

In 2014, Bob was a panelist for the Kansas Senate debate between Pat Roberts and Greg Orman that aired on KSNT and C-SPAN. Over the years for KSNT Bob has moderated the Tiahrt-Moran Senate Debate, in 2008, three 2nd District congressional debates in 2008 and 2004, and two Kansas Governor debates in 2006. Bob is also the producer and writer of the documentary “The Kansas Governor,” which aired on KSNT and also statewide public television in 2005. Bob covered the 2008 presidential nominating conventions for KSNT and has also covered five presidential and vice-presidential debates.

Bob has had a particular focus on Kansas elections and US presidential elections and as such has received university grants to travel to Iowa in 2011 and 2015 during the presidential campaign season to study the candidates from both parties.

Bob has also been a Visiting Professor with the US State Department and has lectured on American Politics in Russia, Hong Kong, Mongolia, and China.