Willis Scott

Willis Scott

KSNT News Multimedia Journalist

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Willis Scott comes to Kansas from a small ranch outside of Denver. His family keeps a herd of black angus cattle there. When he visits the ranch, Willis likes riding his horse, Sugar, to a pasture where there’s a great view of the rocky mountain sunsets.

He studied art and philosophy before majoring in journalism at Colorado State University. In school, he had opportunities to interview presidential and legislative candidates along with Colorado governmental officials. But, the interviews he enjoyed the most were ones with unsung heroes who work to make a difference in the community.

Kansas feels a lot like home for Willis. He’s glad he can work with farmers, ranchers, politicians, and other community members by living in the Capital City.

When he’s not out in the community, he likes to relax at home or go for a run. He has fun sketching, listening to his favorite records and reading. His book shelf is full. Most of the books are about theology and philosophy, but a few are classics, biographies and comics. Willis loves Calvin and Hobbes and books by C.S. Lewis the most.